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Auction   Management  & Profit-Earning

The main pillars of support for real estate professionalism 

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Auction Support


Learn more in depth about buildings being auctioned and receive updated information

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Building and Property Management

Assistance will be given to increase tenancy and increase profit earnings and efficient management

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Profit Earning Real Estate

You will be guided step by step when you want to purchase or sell property


Auction Flow




Real Estate Investment 


Property Listings for auction


Auction related questions


For owners thinking of renovating


If you are interested in Profit Earing Real Estate


Builidng and Real Estate Manage related Questions


If you wish to sell your property 

We at Real partner, strive to work for the best for our customers, building strong relations and providing the best resources for our partners is vital to the success of our company.

Real Partner’s three pillars concept provide the best service and

support for our customers!





Auction support, building and property management, suggestive real estate investing options are our primarily objectives, where we give full support to our owners in every step of the way, coming up with ways to reduce cost and effective usage of locality characteristics. It is our duty to help maintain the owner’s property in best state. We look forward to working with you!

Auction Support

Don’t worry if you are new to auctioning as we wholeheartedly support for those who are interested it auctioning properties. The term property auction in the real estate world refers to properties being seized under court order, where then, is auctioned to the winning bidder. These type of properties are slightly different from those that are sold through real estate agencies, since they tend to be harder to obtain. But there’s no need to worry. Auctioning has become much more opened to the public and due to the recent legislation laws, auctioning such properties has become easier for anyone to participate. However, please bear in mind that this is completely different from purchasing through agencies as there are different types of hidden problems which exist in auctioning. It’s true that the higher the risk there is, the higher the chances it will be for purchasing it at a cheaper price. Let us be your concierge and assist you from the start and even after the successful bid.



Auction Support

Real Estate management

Profit Earning Real EstaTe


K's Court Shimizu

WEEKDAYS 10:00-19:00
[TEL] 0120-123-582 (free dial)


1-9-2 EITOBIRU Honmachi 6F
Chuo-ku Kyutaromachi
Osaka, Japan

Building administration

The origin of our company name “Kenkou Sousei-kan” derives from the concept of helping homeowners maintain their properties in a “healthy” state. We aim to improve profitability of every acquired property. The current state of building management is in a very harsh environment. There are various problems we face when coming to building management, especially the following: ① How to deal with room vacancy

② Collection of overdue rent ③ Quick response to emergency situations. It is needless to say that this is a huge task that every home owner has to face. There is no doubt that there are limits for the owner to be on 24 hour standby to respond to emergencies or pressing for overdue payments. We will take matters to solve these problems for our owners and alleviate worries. We will thoroughly support owners to have no vacancy for their buildings with the proposal of our “No-vacancy policy.”


Real Estate Investment

Whether this is the first time for you, we offer help to home owners who are interested in Real Estate Investment. We will help you do research on best deal properties within your desired budget, from 1 room apartments, 2LDK, family type condominiums or even an entire building, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiries.  


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